About Us

An authentically feminine education seeking to form young women in what is virtuous, real and lovely. We celebrate the uniqueness of Feminine Education, cultivating meaningful Christian freedom in the practice of piety, service, creativity and resourcefulness.

Woman naturally seeks to embrace that which is living, personal and whole. To cherish, guard, protect, nourish and advance growth is her natural, maternal yearning.

Edith Stein, ‘The Ethos of Women’s Professions’

How St. Edith Stein School for Girls is Unique


Our mission is to provide an authentically feminine high school education which seeks to form young women in what is virtuous, real and lovely.

While taking into account the current cultural climate, our school is dedicated to the Christian rediscovery and development of women’s role in society, especially as pertains to her unique role in the transmission of culture to future generations.

It is our goal to educate young women who will seek true and meaningful Christian freedom in the practice of piety, service, creativity and resourcefulness.

At a Glance

  • An all-girls education with a clear focus on female teachers and mentors.
  • An independent school in the Catholic tradition. Liberal arts studies.
  • College preparation.
  • A prayerful, nurturing, active community life. Athletics which foster self-discipline, motivation and habits of life-long health and fitness.
  • Practical adaptations of the curriculum with real-life skills.
  • Responsibility for and appreciation of the natural world.

We emphasize three aspects of our educational philosophy:

1. The uniqueness of Feminine Education

To grow as a culture and a Church, we need to rediscover the unique genius of the feminine, to

  • Reclaim the elevation of women for Christianity
  • Acknowledge and embrace the fact that the education of women will look different from that of men
  • Give our young women the freedom and the tools to play their part with love and to play it well

2. The practice of Piety, Service, Creativity and Resourcefulness

We see these four values as hinges, foundations on which to build energizing and enthusiastic womanhood, to:

  • Shape in young women a love for the things of home, of hearth and family, the domestic church, and to encourage a realization of the importance and potential which lie within this realm
  • Understand that service is not slavery and to experience the transformative power of creative labor
  • Revive the lost home arts and equip young women to manage and provide for the health of themselves and those in their care

3. The formation of taste for what is Virtuous, Real, and Lovely

St. Edith Stein School for Girls is built around a vision of the world that features the virtuous, the real, and the lovely, to:

  • Combat the temptation to selfishness, especially as put forth by the modern culture of competing rights
  • Equip young women with a rigorous background in the study of logic and ethics
  • Foster interests and loves which are personal, human, and which bring the student in contact with the natural world and the Divine Artist
  • Teach with the understanding that women stand in a unique position as regards the transmitting of culture to future generations, and therefore must acquire a firm understanding of history and tradition, especially as related to the Liturgy, art, music, and literature
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